Which is the best season to visit Patagonia?
This will depend of the interests of each one. Patagonia is an extended region, Puerto Natales where REMOTA is located has a varied climate, and even by the strong winds in the same day it can rain, be sunny, and then cloudy, meaning the four seasons in one day. The season for the strongest wind is in-between November and February where also the days are longer, March and May we have a variety of colors of the flora which its contrast is a gift for the view. In September the spring days arrive and even November is where we can see the flowering of the authentic flora along the Guanaco offspring.As you can see each season has its own different attraction that this zone offers for us to discover.

What clothes should I wear?
To make excursions and enjoying them it is ideal to have comfortable hiking shoes to walk, heavy jacket, comfortable pants, wool beanie, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm. To be in the hotel, we recommend using clothes of your comfort, there is no elegant dinner. What you can´t forget is the swimsuit to enjoy our temperate pool.

What is the electricity?
220 Volts, 50 Hz

Do I need a Visa to enter Chile?
The majority of the countries do not require a Visa to enter Chile, however we recommend consulting the closest Chilean counsel about these restrictions, or visit the web page of the Ministry of International Relationships of Chile.

Is there television?
The rooms do not have television, nonetheless there is one available in the salon on the second floor.

Do the rooms have a hair dryer and other facilities?
All of the rooms have a hair dryer, wake up service, safe, telephone, heaters and Wi-Fi.

What emergency medical services are available?
In the administration of Torres del Paine National Park there is a paramedic throughout the year. If it is a more serious case there is a hospital in Puerto Natales 15 minutes away from the lodge and ultimately there is the Magallanes Clinic in Punta Arenas, 3 hours away from the hotel. Also, all our guides are certified by Wilderness First Responder (WFR), which guarantees that they have all the knowledge and skills necessary to help people in remote places. In addition in the hotel we have first aid kits and an automatic defibrillator.

How can my family members contact me in case of emergency?
Dialing the telephone +56 61 2414040, or sending an e-mail to recepcion@remota.cl - guestmanager1@remota.cl

What equipment should i carry?
We provide at no cost all the necessary equipment for excursions of our Soft and Adventure menus. Fly fishing programs do not include fishing equipment or license, however if you do not want to bring it we have items available for rent or purchase, upon reservation.

Can i change the bed type of my room?
When booking you must choose your room with king or twin bed. Being at the Lodge if required, you can change your bed only if there is availability.

Do the rooms have air conditioning system?
Only heating.

What kind of vehicles do you have in Remota?
We count with a fleet of proper vans with capacity for 3, 6, 8 and 15 passengers.

What transfer options are there from Remota to Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales and Calafate (Argentina)?
Our Soft, Adventure and Fly Fishing programs include transfers in and out. We also have the service of private transfers (with extra charge) to and from Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas and El Calafate. And there are also taxis and buses that make these routes constantly for which you can ask at reception.

What distances are there between Remota and the main places of the area?
Remota Patagonia Lodge / Punta Arenas: 250 km (155.4 miles)
Remota Patagonia Lodge / Puerto Natales: 1.5 km (9.3 miles)
Remota Patagonia Lodge / Torres del Paine National Park: 84 km (52.2 miles) of Serrano entrance and 150 km (93.3 miles) of Amarga lagoon entrance
Remota Patagonia Lodge / El Calafate: 269 km (167.2 miles)

Is it possible to arrive to Torres del Paine National Park by plane from Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales?
It is not possible. The nearest commercial airport is Punta Arenas. However there are private flights from Punta Arenas to the airport of Puerto Natales and between December and February tentatively the commercial airport of Puerto Natales operates.

Is there a signal for mobile phone in Remota?

Is the tip included in the rate?
It is not included. In Remota the tip is voluntary. If you wish to leave a tip you can do so at the end of your stay at the reception.

How high above sea level is the Lodge?
Approximately 15-20 meters above sea level.

Can I go to excursions with minors?
Yes but with some considerations. Children under 14 must always be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians and those between 14 and 17 may go on excursions only with written authorization of their parents or legal guardians.
For excursions in Kayak and ice hike the age range allowed is 16 to 60 years.

Please note: Do not disclose any personal or payment information in your request