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Due 2017 Last Hope Challenge, Patagonia - Chile

Due 2017 Last Hope Challenge, Patagonia - Chile

Programa Fiestas Patrias - 16 al 19 septiembre 2017

Ven a Patagonia durante las Fiestas Patrias

Remota Patagonia Lodge + Skorpios Cruises, land & sea in Patagonia

Remota Patagonia Lodge offers you 3 nights to visit Torres del Paine National Park and 3 nights of adventure in the Skorpios Cruises.

Free night in Patagonia

Remota's 5th night free on longer stays

Only for Chilean, Torres del Paine at your reach

Remota te invita a recorrer la Octava Maravilla del mundo en tu país y a disfrutar del mejor Lodge en Patagonia.

Honeymoon Program

For all those couples who dream of a honeymoon in contact with nature, good rest and fine cuisine.