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Puerto Natales, Chile
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Ice Age, big depressions of sunk valleys, moraines left by the retrieving waters had formed this unique landscape of amazing beauty. A region of mountains (cordillera), rivers, lakes, vast amount of water falls, native forests, fjords, glaciers, archipelagos, Magellan steppes as well as islands and islets.

Its People

The first inhabitants of Patagonia were a variety a different nomadic tribes of hunters and gadders leaving meanly of the sea. In the south and closer to Punta Arenas and Tierra de Fuego, cohabited Onas or Selknam, Yaganes and Alakalufes or Kaweskar. But the ones that really left a bigger mark in the territory were the Tehuelches as they had more contact with the Europeans; introduced horses in their lives which helped with hunting and in the expansion of their territory. Product of constant European and Chilean central Government exploration and settlements today the local population is varied and rich in different cultures.