Remota Patagonia Lodge - Puerto Natales, Chile

What to bring along

Outdoor Gear


Layers are the best suggestion for dressing in Patagonia. Keeping in mind that each layer has a function that will allow you to adapt to the changing weather conditions and to always be prepared. We recommend the following:

The base layer (against your skin) to manage moisture. The insulating layer to protect you from the cold and wind.
The shell layer (outer layer) shields you from wind and rain.


For hiking, choose a good pair of hiking shoes with the best Gore-Tex membrane you can afford. Bring along some sneakers for less intensive walks outside or into town.

Personal Items

Do not forget the following personal items:

  • Sunscreen (SPF +30 or over) and lip balm (SPF +30 or over).
  • Sunglasses (polarized are a must).
  • A cap for sun protection (hats tend to blow away with the wind) and another for cold.
  • A small water-repellant backpack and small to mid-sized dry bags for day excursions.
  • Insulating gloves (preferable with a wind blocker layer).
  • Camera, lenses and charger/batteries as well as lots of memory space and card readers.
  • Good birding binoculars.

Indoor Items


Our property is a casual destination designed to disconnect you from the worries of the day-to-day. The dress is casual all day and night within the property. Bring comfortable clothes and a good fleece as there are some indoor/outdoor spaces. Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit.


Bring comfortable indoor/outdoor shoes such as sneakers for walking around the hotel and outdoor spaces. Also, bring shoes for use in your room, spa and pool area.

Personal Items

Our property provides guests with robes and towels. Hair driers are available in every room.

Fly Fishing Gear


In addition to the clothing suggested above, please take into consideration that we have very limited fly fishing gear onsite and this must be reserved well in advance. Consider bringing your own clothing. You will need:

  • Breathable waders with good felt sole wading shoes and no studs please; please make sure all felt soles have been properly disinfected.
  • Insulation layers for under your waders, both thin and thick, for changing weather conditions.
  • Long sleeve shirts. T-shirts and/or polo shirts.
  • Fingerless gloves.

Rods & Reels

One five and another seven weight rods are ideal. Please do not bring two piece rods. All fishing is strictly catch and release and only fly-fishing is permitted. Matching reels and spare spools are needed.


According to the rod weight, bring one WF floating, one WF sinking-tip and one shooting taper line (150 to 250 grains).

Flies, Leaders and Tippets

Details of fly patterns in a different file; bring assorted 9’ feet long leaders (1X to 5X), as well as tippets to match your leader selection.

Remota Patagonia Lodge
Ruta 9 Norte, km 1.5
Puerto Natales, Chile
Call: +56 61 - 241 40 40


A Bridge to the wonderful and remote Patagonia

We are explorers in love with the sublime beauty of the Chilean Patagonia, with its history, its people, its nature, happy to show and accompany our visitors in this adventure, supported by a world-class infrastructure and hotel with 72 spacious rooms with spectacular views, luxury gastronomy and spacious living and relaxation areas. We are proud to be the referent of the hotels in the area and happy of what we do, our prestigious ecological building recognized worldwide, our first class service and our passion with which we deliver a unique and unrepeatable experience, to explore the Better way, this privileged part of our Planet