Remota - Puerto Natales, Chile
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Weather and landscape changes that come with the seasons, will let you enjoy the bright side of the unexpected, which is the purpose of the trip.
In summer, days are long and considerably windy, with maximum temperatures between 13C and 20C,and minimum temperatures around 5C.During fall, the color of trees, shrubs and grass reaches its peak; in winter there is not too much wind, with shorter and brighter days, and very little snowfall, which does not last long by the sea. In springtime life is renewed, newborns arrive and all begins to blossom.

Ruta 9 Norte, km 1.5
Puerto Natales, Chile
Call: +56 61 - 241 40 40


A bridge to the immensity of Patagonia

Patagonia is vast, diverse and amazing and Remota is at the crossroad of all its main attractions; from Torres del Paine National Park , to its fjords and glaciers, Patagonian steppe, rivers, native forests and cattle ranches; but also to its inhabitants and its culture. To live and feel Patagonia is Remota’s mission, a hotel that does not measure itself by the number of stars or by urban frills. Luxury is the environment, our philosophy, and the award winning sustainable architecture of the property as well as the personalised customer service we provide in all our services, tours and excursions. Remota is also a member of the prestigious Virtuoso, the network of the world’s finest in luxury travel (only 5 members in Chile), and also it has been endorsed by Orvis as a prefer international destination.