Remota Patagonia Lodge - Puerto Natales, Chile

Remota is located in the center of everything, which allows our guests to take part in a multitude of attractions that the vast Chilean Patagonia offers.


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Remota's excursions are the result of 11 years of constant research and improvement.

The experiences of thousands of visitors from all over the world allow us to deliver the best service in this area.

Our tour guides are specially trained by our own guide- school.

Combined with their dedicated attention, the food, the infrastructure and design of each excursion, our tourguides and tours make the difference.

Only Remota is able to offer a complete Patagonia, through its tours and its successful experience.

Remota is the only operation that offers certified fly fishing experience, as well as navigations, hiking, horseback riding, bicycle tours and bird watching, with world well-known specialists.

Remota does not only focus on the attractiveness of Torres del Paine National Park, but it has much more to offer.

We give our guests the opportunity to get to know all the "other" wonders of the area, such as the fjords, the Sierra Dorotea, Torres del Paine, the Cordillera Prat, lakes and lagoons, Rotundo area, the El Milodon Cave, etc.

All these various activities can be visited at different times, since it only takes 40 minutes to reach most of them by using the new road, including Torres del Paine.

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Walk about on Patagonia

Each group is made of a maximum of eight people, going by foot or hotel car, including a permanent guide.
We offer a wide variety of different tours and activities, in a region that is a real world reserve of beauty and culture, both within Torres del Paine National Park, as well as beyond mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and forests, towards cattle farms in vast prairies, land of ancestral native cultures, nomad hunters like Onas and Huilliches, or the Yamanas, fishermen and divers, who have impregnated their geography with the stories and legends that seduce today.s travelers, as much as they did the first seamen and scientists, like Magellan and Darwin.
Our highly trained team of guides speaks both Spanish and English. They are friendly and enthusiastic people who feel that being a guide is a pleasure as much as it is their job.
They know when to respect silence, and their natural and cultural environment, and they are trained to offer first-aid assistance should it be needed.

Remota Patagonia Lodge
Ruta 9 Norte, km 1.5
Puerto Natales, Chile
Call: +56 61 - 241 40 40


A Bridge to the wonderful and remote Patagonia

We are explorers in love with the sublime beauty of the Chilean Patagonia, with its history, its people, its nature, happy to show and accompany our visitors in this adventure, supported by a world-class infrastructure and hotel with 72 spacious rooms with spectacular views, luxury gastronomy and spacious living and relaxation areas. We are proud to be the referent of the hotels in the area and happy of what we do, our prestigious ecological building recognized worldwide, our first class service and our passion with which we deliver a unique and unrepeatable experience, to explore the Better way, this privileged part of our Planet