Remota Patagonia Lodge - Puerto Natales, Chile

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Ruta 9 Norte, km. 1.5, Huerto 279 / Puerto Natales, Patagonia, Chile
Remota Phone +56 61 - 241 40 40

Santiago Office Headquarters
Paris 888, 7th floor, Santiago Centro
Reservations Phone +56 2 - 238 71 500

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Tel: +1 954 802 11 98

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Marie-Cécile Delaire


Remota Patagonia Lodge
Ruta 9 Norte, km 1.5
Puerto Natales, Chile
Call: +56 61 - 241 40 40


A Bridge to the wonderful and remote Patagonia

We are explorers in love with the sublime beauty of the Chilean Patagonia, with its history, its people, its nature, happy to show and accompany our visitors in this adventure, supported by a world-class infrastructure and hotel with 72 spacious rooms with spectacular views, luxury gastronomy and spacious living and relaxation areas. We are proud to be the referent of the hotels in the area and happy of what we do, our prestigious ecological building recognized worldwide, our first class service and our passion with which we deliver a unique and unrepeatable experience, to explore the Better way, this privileged part of our Planet