Ruta 9 Norte, km 1.5
Puerto Natales, Chile
56 | 2 | 23871500
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Remota, days of Leisure in Patagonia

Remota is one of the most celebrated and awarded Hotels in Chile, where the National Architecture Prize Awarded, German Del Sol, achieved the most breathtaking views of the fjord and glaciers.Normal things like breakfast,is an unforgettable experience.

Luminous and inserted in Patagonia's landscape, without any modification, with the best infrastructure, totally different from a classic hotel that impresses visitors and leaves a lasting memory.

Remota is more than just a hotel, it allows travellers to have a unique total Patagonia Experience.
Remota is an ecological and sustainable hotel, built with high quality materials, almost no motors, no elevators,no television or internet in the rooms, very light, almost transparent, natural ventilation and highly efficient energy use.
We support local communities and are strongly linked to social and cultural organisations as well.

Remota is a selected property of the prestigious Virtuoso luxury travel network (only 5 operations in Chile) and was choosen by Orvis as an International Endorsed Destination.

In REMOTA, one week, two weeks... All year